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SIRT500 Plus products are high-end dietary supplements , developed on the basis of scientific research of international importance, which act at a systemic level throughout the body. They stimulate the natural production of sirtuins and cell renewal, which are key aspects in strengthening the immune system .
Sirtuins are a class of proteins that perform valuable enzymatic activity and regulate important metabolic pathways within the body. According to numerous medical and scientific studies, they play a key role in the process of cellular aging. They regulate its mechanisms, promote cell renewal, thus stimulating their rejuvenation, and contribute to the strengthening of the immune system.

Sirtuins are also involved in the regulation of physiological processes of slimming and work on insulin resistance, the mechanism in action when we ingest sweets or refined foods. For the optimal performance of its functions, it is essential to combine SIRT500 Plus products with a correct diet and a regular physical activity, both necessary for the well-being of our organism.

Sirt 500 Spay, by creating a transparent film on the tissues of the tongue, gums and mucous membrane, limits the contact of irritating external agents such as viruses, bacteria and fungi/yeasts, becoming an indispensable aid not only during the winter period, but in all those situations in which social distancing is lacking.


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