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Sirtuins: the biological clock of youth

SIRT500 Plus is the natural dietary supplement that stimulates sirtuin activation and cell renewal to slow down the aging process.

The superior quality dietary supplement: SIRT500 Plus

SIRT500 Plus is a high-end dietary supplement, developed on the basis of scientific research of international importance, which acts at a systemic level throughout the body. It stimulates the natural production of sirtuins and cell renewal, which are essential for the strengthening of the immune system. Sirtuins are a class of proteins that perform valuable enzymatic activity and regulate important metabolic pathways within the body. According to numerous medical and scientific studies, they play a key role in the cellular aging process. They regulate its mechanisms, promote cell renewal, thus stimulating their rejuvenation, and contribute to the strengthening of the immune system. Sirtuins are also involved in the regulation of physiological processes of slimming and work on insulin resistance, the mechanism in action when we ingest sweets or refined foods. For the optimal performance of its functions, it is essential to combine SIRT500 Plus with a correct diet and a regular physical activity, both necessary for the well-being of our organism.

What does SIRT500 PLUS contain?

SIRT500 Plus is a natural food supplement based on minerals, polyphenols and sirtuin activators.

SIRT500 products contain only natural ingredients of the highest quality, extracted with procedures that do not involve the use of solvents and in a higher concentration than the average supplement available on the market.


In SIRT500 Plus there are different minerals which activate the sirtuins and are therefore able to stimulate the rejuvenation of the cells and support the immune system during aging:

Zinc is one of the enzyme complexes necessary for the proper functioning of hormones, insulin, sex hormones and growth hormone. It is an essential mineral for our body.

Selenium is a very effective antioxidant. Counteracts cellular oxidative stress, performs preventive activity, exerts a protective action on the thyroid ensuring its proper functioning, and on the skin adnexa.

Chromium regulates insulin levels, a key hormone in our bodies that influences fat and glucose control.


Polyphenols are substances contained in foods, mainly in vegetables. They are mostly present in fruits, vegetables, red wine, green tea, chocolate, coffee and olive oil.

Known for their proven anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiplatelet effects, polyphenols represent an important element of defense for the body: they are molecules of organic plant origin that contribute to the maintenance of cellular health, fighting aging and regulating the absorption and storage of cholesterol in the blood.

The best polyphenols and sirtuin activators known in medicine and contained in the exclusive natural food supplement SIRT500 Plus are mainly four:

Ellagic acid is a natural phenolic antioxidant. It has antioxidant, antithrombotic and antiallergic, vaso-protective and gastro-protective properties

Onochiol has been shown to have anti-inflammatory and protective properties. It performs preventive activities, especially on the cells of our body. It is also able to reduce the accumulation of body fat.

Polydatin is a member of the class of imbalances in the polyphenol family. It performs antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and anti-aggregant activities.

Pterostilbene reduces fat accumulation, possesses protective and anti-inflammatory properties, and supports the immune system by performing preventive activities.

La vitamina B3, o niacina, è fondamentale per la respirazione delle cellule, favorisce la circolazione sanguigna, funge da protettivo per la pelle, ed è utilissima nel processo di digestione degli alimenti.
La vitamina B3 ha un ruolo fondamentale in relazione al funzionamento del sistema nervoso. È chiamata anche vitamina PP (pellagra preventive factor) per il suo ruolo anti-pellagra, malattia in passato molto diffusa.

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