SIRT500 PLUS (A5+) - 60 Tablets

By using SIRT500 Plus and its LIPO Booster in parallel, the effects of both supplements can be amplified, reducing hunger and counteracting fat storage.

The offer includes 1 pack of SIRT 500 PLUS + 3 packs of LIPO.

Acts on the sense of hunger

Accelerates metabolism

Modulates blood sugar and blood fat levels

Important: Current promotions and quantity discounts cannot be combined.

Our experts recommend taking SIRTLIFE LIPO regularly, for at least 3 continuous months.

Single package

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Integratori per rafforzare il metabolismo

L’azione combinata degli integratori SIRT500 Plus e del suo Booster LIPO, permette di amplificare gli effetti di entrambi gli integratori, migliorando sensibilmente le funzioni metaboliche.

Assumere regolarmente integratori per rafforzare il metabolismo aiuta a ridurre il senso di fame e a contrastare l’accumulo di grasso con effetti visibili già nel breve periodo.

Attraverso il percorso a base di integratori che stimolano la produzione di sirtuine (Sirt500) e di integratori ricchi di polifenoli e molte altre sostanze sinergiche (LIPO) che trasformano il grasso bianco in grasso bruno, è possibile attivare il metabolismo lento e migliorare sensibilmente i processi digestivi.

SIRTLIFE products

SIRT500 Plus products are high-end dietary supplements, developed on the basis of years of scientific studies by our team, which has thoroughly analyzed the correlation between the production of sirtuins in the body and the proper performance of metabolic processes.

From the age of 30-35, the body's natural production of sirtuins begins to decline. This is why our experts recommend starting treatment around this age. Sirtuins are a class of proteins that perform valuable enzymatic activity and regulate important metabolic pathways in the body.

Sirtuins act at a systemic level throughout the body, regulating metabolic and physiological processes and working on the mechanism that is put in place whenever we ingest sweets or refined foods: insulin resistance.

In addition to improving metabolic processes, the production of sirtuins in the body plays a major role in the prevention of diseases such as hyperglycemia, diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome.

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SIRT500 PLUS (A5+) - 60 Tablets

€233,00 €163,10